About Me

At present, I’m working in Archivite Architecture Private Limited.

I should dedicate a special thanks to the C.E.O. of the organization Mr. Karthick, as I’m learning a lot by working in the company and expanding my knowledge and network.

After finishing my graduation in the Structural Engineering, I’ve started working as a CADD Drafter at Sabari Builders, an esteemed organisation in Coimbatore. Since, I took ownership of the projects, I was also entrusted with more important responsibility as a Site Engineer, within a short period of time. As a site engineer, I was instrumental in the construction of important commercial buildings like Sub-Registrar office, government schools, and other government works like GST office renovation, etc.

In 2019, I’ve ventured in to the network marketing space and I’ve built a network of more than 3000 members. Through this initiative, I’ve enabled earning potential for this community. The experience had helped me to learn a lot of important skills like team building, team management, and financial management among others. I’ve also learnt to conduct physical meetings, webinars, and other online and offline events.

In 2020, I’ve started to freelance in engineering works and offer my expertise in the areas of structural engineering simulations, architectural designing, and site execution of projects. I’ve been able to help more than a dozen site executions, structural simulation of buildings and in architectural designs.

Since the global pandemic of 2020, I’ve been actively engaging myself as a financial analyst. In the past 2+ years, I’ve learnt and understood a lot about the international financial systems, banking systems, global trade, forex trade, and the emerging fields like crypto-currencies and NFTs. I’ve been trading on the Crypto and forex markets which have provided me with acute knowledge about these fields. With the knowledge and experience that I’ve gathered, I’ve been guiding newbie investors and traders in these investment avenues. The community building skills that I’ve got during the earlier network marketing experience has immensely helped me in this.

Now, I’ve a deep knowledge about the intricacies of global economic system and the socio-political impacts of the same in all the countries. With all these understandings, I’m able to trade and earn money from these markets and more importantly guide others to make money.

My Childhood

I have got the blessings of birth from my parents to reach this world on 11/12/1993 at Puducherry. I had completed my nursery schooling in Sri Venkateshwara Primary and Nursery school at Thiruvarur.

School Education

I completed my S.S.L.C. with 90% in Veludayar Higher Secondary School, Thiruvarur. As someone who was equally good at sports and literary education, I’ve won the 2nd place in divisional and 1st place in State Level Volleyball Tournament during 2010 and 2011 respectively. I finished my higher secondary school with 76.2% and subsequently got first class in both lower and higher type writing examinations.

College Education

Under Graduation

I’ve completed my bachelor’s degree (Civil Engineering) at RVS College of Engineering and Technology in Dindigul on 2016 with 7.34(CGPA). I participated in many paper presentations, workshops and internship trainings while I was learning more and more about civil engineering.

In the summer of 2013, I did my internship at V.O.C Trust and Harbour, Tuticorin, in the project of break water structure, jetties, wharves, fenders. In 2014, I’ve presented a paper on the topic of “Green Building Structure” in SSM College of Engineering and Technology. In 2015, I have presented a paper on the topic of “Earthquake and Tsunami Resistant Structure” in Karpagam College of Engineering and Technology.

During 2015, I’ve had the privilege of doing a 1 month internship at RS Development Private Limited in which I associated myself in the project of pile foundations to construct a rail for the purpose of transporting coals via trains at Ennore Thermal Power Plant Chennai.

I participated in open workshops relevant to the field of architecture named “Aesthetic 2016” conducted by Dream Zone School, Madurai.

In 2013, I’ve won the 3rd place in the Zonal level Badminton tournament in P.S.N.A College of Engineering and Technology. I’ve participated in many Open Tournaments of Badminton & Volleyball. I’ve also participated in Inter-college Competitions at Tamil Nadu State Level conducted in Namakkal during 2014.

I’ve did a mini-project in the title of “Design of Industrial Roof Truss”. I did my main project in the title of “Planning, Analysing and Design of Multi-storey Apartment Building under Earthquake Loads”.


I completed my Master’s Degree (Structural Engineering) at Alagappa Chettiyar Government College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi in 2018 with a CGPA of 7.12 (CBCS)

I did my thesis in the title of Comparative study on longitudinal shear resistance of light weight concrete composite slabs with profiled sheets and paper published in ELSEVIER



I’ve also attended the Faculty Development Programme on “Energy Environment and Climate change” in 2017

During my post-graduation period, I did a one month internship at Prime Tech Structural Solutions, Tanjore.

I’ve presented a paper on the topic of “Analytical and Experimental Study on Longitudinal
Shear Resistance of Composite Slab with Profile Decking Sheet using Expanded Clay Aggregate” at the national level conference at M. Kumarasamy Engineering College, Karur.

What I Do

With a wide range of experiences under my belt, I’m a true maverick who is a Jack of many and a Master of a few trades. My experiences in the field of civil engineering and architecture makes me an ideal asset to all designing and engineering organisations.

My experiences in the financial and network marketing sector makes me an ideal candidate for roles that require a lot of clarity of thought and initiative.

  • Architectural work
  • Structural and Civil Work
  • Digital networking, Team building, Marketing
  • Financial Data Analyst

Spiritual Expedition

Optimism and gratitude is the only way forward to achieve our life’s purpose. In order to attain self-realisation, we all must accept ourselves as whom we are, and surrender to the universe that is both around and within us.

Understanding the grandeur of the cosmos and the scale of our lives gives us the much needed humility to lead a fulfilling and happy life.

When we understand the true power of our mind and our place in the grand design, our lives become more meaningful and purposeful.

It is wisdom that can propel us forward in life and help us to take both success and failure as the same for they are but two sides of the same coin.

When we understand all these, our petty human lives transcends to something more blissful and permanent.

Sports Activities

As I was someone whose life was intertwined with sports and games, I’ve developed the sports mentality right from childhood. On the physical world it has helped me to get fit and learn new skills, on the psychological realm, I’ve become calmer while maintaining a dogged spirit in my endeavours.

Sports has helped me move beyond the boundaries that constrains most people.

Reading Books and Pilgrim Trips

I have helped me in my life immensely. As a matter of fact, pilgrimage is the journey that we take in the physical world and reading of books is a pilgrimage for the mind. These habits have helped me to grow optimistic thoughts and helped me to drive out negativity from my life. Even during dark & uncertain times of COVID19 global pandemic, I was able to maintain a positive outlook towards to life.

Generally, most people have one of the two common mind-sets, i.e. victim mind set or that of a victor. Those who fall in the first category often complain about others and blame others for their misfortunes or failure in life. This is a negative mentality that can greatly reduce the growth potential of an individual.

When you have an open mind that offers gratitude for all the good things that you have got, you can flourish in your life and grow to a better position. As a lifelong learner, I take all the events in my life as lessons and learn from all. I learn how to do a task from the successes and how not to do the same from my failures.

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