Architectural Work

Nilojana and Teri Residency

This was my first project in field of architecture. For the residency project, I had created a model without using any references and I can truly say that I’ve built the design brick by brick from the inside. Due to the complexity of project and to arrive at the proper shape of the model, it took me more than 52hours of mind breaking work.
As I finished the pre-production, my team mates carried out the post production work. In short this is a special one in my list of projects as this was my first venture into the field of architecture.

Architectural Work

True Cafe Restaurant

This was one of the most challenging projects in my career till date. As it was a commercial building that had to cater to the need and aesthetics of the end consumer, I’d to learn and understand many different concepts to designs this restaurant. I’ve created a perfect blend of visual and scenic beauty with functional designs that is of high value.

I’ve created this hybrid model from my understanding of the nature of things in the universe and by mixing it with the geometrical knowledge that I’ve already gained. This restaurant uses the dimensional nature of time and space including air, water, and earth. The design uses the right amount of light and water to create the perfect ambience for a restaurant.

Architectural Work

Mr. Irudayaraj Residency

The project opened me up to a world of new possibilities that we can create with shapes, patterns and texture positioning. Replicating the core system and design principles helped in creating a massive contextual clarity and in creating a whole new level of aesthetics for the building.

During the project, I was awestruck when I thought the accomplishments of the ancient architects who have created large engineering wonders and aesthetic marvels that exists even today. The sheer size of the ancient architecture like the Egyptian Pyramids, South Indian temples, Arabic mosques, western churches and forts has left dumbstruck. Their achievements in those early years of humanity when we didn’t have modern simulation and prototyping facilities have endeared these structures all the more to me.

Architectural Work

Mr. kaneeswaran Residency

The thought of working in this project brings back memories of happiness to me. This is a project in which designing and simulation had come naturally to me.

With more experience behind my back, I was able to complete the project in record time. The project also helped me to practice creating prismatic models and taught me how to take reference from the client’s requirement and build something better.

Architectural Work

Mr. Abdulla Residency

This project has helped me to understand the usage of alternate materials for the construction. I’ve minimised the wastage of resource by using naturally available substitute materials instead of spending wasting the resources.

This project had made to rethink the nature of designing and pushed me towards ecologically responsible and sustainable model of construction.

Architectural Work

Mr. Senthil kumar Residency

This is the project when I realised that it is necessary to innovate but at times, it is much more important to deliver what the client requires.

I was able to deliver the design as per the exact requirement of the client. The project had helped me to conserve the efforts and stop overworking after delivering the client requirements.

Architectural Work

Mr. Uthaya Kumar Residency

While the elevation design looks simple from the outside, it is indeed a complex project in which I’ve faced many challenges.

Creating the elevation was much easier than applying the paint and textures for the whole building.