Civil Work

Mr. Ramprabu Residency

Mannargudi, Thiruvarur.

The actual build-up area of this project was around 800sqft but the total area was around 1200sq.ft. Inspired from Laurie Baker, I created this petite but beautiful living abode by mixing the brick work construction and an eco-friendly residential house design within the budget of the client

The building, although looked small from the outside is a spacious one that has specific place for all the necessities and luxuries of human needs. It was constructed with 2BHK and a spacious screened porch that was created exclusively by using elegant brick patterns. This project has helped me to progress in my vision of bring aesthetic sensibilities and creating better ambience within the budget of the project.

As someone who is committed to lifelong learning, I’ve learnt many new skills by working in this project. All the challenges like material management, human resource management, fund management and working within the budget and schedule of the client has helped me to better myself in my craft and profession.

Civil Work

PWD Sub Contract Project


While this was only a sub-contract work, I’d been fortunate enough to work with the Public Works Department of Thiruvarur. The work was for the creation of a 1 feet high platform for the construction of paddy warehouse. With a total area of 10,000 sq.ft., the project was small but I’ve learnt many important lessons including how to work with the authorities and other stakeholders of the project.

Civil Work

Mr. Rajendran Residency


The total built up area of the house only around 600 square feet but it had to be constructed on top of the existing building. This has created many challenges but I was able to create and deliver a grand design that was both pleasing to the eyes and fully functional in design.

The 1BHK home contains budget friendly interior designs that has surpassed the requirements of the client. In short it was a fulfilling project that has left everyone happy.

Civil Work

Mr. Karunanithi Residency

Kangalancherry, Thiruvarur.

This is one project that is close to my heart, as I was able to deliver the exact requirement of the client in spite of facing many operational difficulties. With a total area of around 1600 square feet, and a built-up area 1200 sq.ft., the whole building had to be constructed into 3 separate and self-sustaining portions.

The fact that the whole building was constructed on top of an existing building has made the work all the more challenging but it has made sure that the result was all the more fulfilling.